Christmas Lillies and Cats

While you may love them both, did you know that the beautiful white Christmas Lillies are extremely toxic to cats and can cause death?

Xmas lilllies

If you love flowers, and who doesn’t, and you love your cats, and of course you do, you need to read this article by the Hamilton Vet Clinic.  It’s not just Christmas Lillies that are toxic to cats, so please familiarise yourself with other plants that are harmful and even fatal to cats.

Poisonous Plants

Please keep your cheeky kitties same from harm and ensure everyone enjoys their Christmas!


Are You Renting with Pets?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2.16 million renting families are pet owners. Yet, landlords are reluctant to advertise a property as welcoming to pets off the bat, and many people assume that the landlord or the property manager will automatically reject requests for pets.

However, if you have been lucky enough to find a suitable rental property which allows you to have pets, you may not be allowed to, or want to go to the expense of putting in a permanent doggy door or cat flap.

In my experience, having a pet door gives you so much freedom and peace of mind – if you are working all day, your pet is not having to cross its little legs until you get home from work to be let out.  You’re not stressing that you have to be home by a certain time.  And  you won’t come home to puddles or piles to clean up!  Happiness for everyone!

Under many rental leases however, you are not allowed to make structural changes to the property, or even put up picture hooks!

So, what’s the solution?   I’ve just come across this business which may help – a temporary pet door!

Temporary Pet Door

doggy door

* Lonely Pets Club has no affiliation with this business, we just thought it might be something worth looking at.


7 Things to Consider When your Puppy Comes Home

Are you considering bringing  a new puppy into your home?

Things to consider before you make your decision:

  • Are your premises secure?
  • Is the whole family happy about your new acquisition?
  • Have you considered other pets in the family?
  • Are you prepared to put in the time, effort and a few sleep-disturbed nights?
  • Are you prepared for some chewing, digging and cheekiness?
  • Are you prepared to pay for regular vet checks, worming, flea treatment, de-sexing?
  • Are you willing and able to give your dog regular exercise?
  • Are you prepared to commit to your dog for the next 16 or so years?

If you have given all the above careful consideration, and have researched where your puppy will come from, you’re ready to welcome a new friend into your life!

Congratulations – may you have many years of happiness and fun together (and the odd chewed shoe!).


The thing about puppies is that as well as being adorable and mischievous, they require a lot of attention in the first couple of months of coming into your home.

7 Things to consider once your puppy comes home:

  1. Do you have living and sleeping areas ready?
    • Whether the puppy is to live in the house or in the yard, he needs an area to call his own. Two spots are ideal, one inside and one outside and a good supply of blankets and bedding will be necessary.
  2. Have you purchased food and equipment?
    • In addition to food and bedding, he will need food and water bowls, a collar, lead and brush. A daily brush not only keeps the coat in good condition but is part of the socialising and bonding process.  A small, light collar and a light lead are essential in the early weeks to facilitate lead training
  3. Have you prepared your home?
    • Make sure there are no gaps or holes in fences, no gates without proper locks. Also remember steps and stairs: can the puppy get under the house, or can he escape into the front garden or onto the street?
  4. Housetraining
    • It is a good idea to take the puppy out every hour or so initially, but always immediately upon waking, after playing, after feeding, and before going to bed at night.
  5. Settling in
    • Your puppy will probably take a few days to settle down at night as the puppy will miss his mother and litter-mates and is sure to cry, howl or bark when left alone. Do not shout at the puppy or smack him, and do not give into him. If you go to the puppy once during the night, he will howl again every time you leave him. A toy to cuddle up with or a ticking clock may well be appreciated and help the puppy settle.
  6. Love and Attention
    • In the first few weeks, you must give your puppy your constant attention.
    • He should be fed 3 times a day and taught to go to the toilet after his meal.  He can’t be left alone for 10 hours a day.
    • He can’t be taken out for walks until he’s had his  vaccinations at 12 weeks of age. The final ones will be done at 16 weeks of age.
    • So what do you do if you work full time and can’t be there in the middle of the day?
      • You could ask a friend, a neighbour, or a family member to help
      • You could nip home at lunchtime to check on your puppy.
      • If these are not options for you, there are pet minding businesses like Lonely Pets Club who offer a Puppy Package where they drop in during the middle of the day to check on your puppy, feed him, play with him, cuddle him and take him to the toilet.  It gives you peace of mind that your precious new family member is ok while you’re away.
  7. Enjoy your new Best Friend!
    • a well behaved, well socialised dog will give  you many years of companionship, friendship and loyalty.



7 Things To Do With Your Dog This Weekend

There is nothing better in the world than spending time with your family on the weekend.  In this modern world, the word ‘Family’ means different things to different people.

Dogs in particular love to experience new things and go new places.  They love to sniff every tree, check their ‘wee-mails’, roll in the grass, paddle at the beach, fetch a stick!  You can see how happy they are by the smile on their face and the wag of their tail.

If your family includes four-legged members, here are some ideas to get you out and about.

  1. Have a walk along the beach – most dogs love to paddle, or swim, with a big roll in the sand afterwards.  Chasing seagulls or staring out to sea is also a favourite seaside pastime.
  2. Go to a dog-friendly café – there is nothing better than sitting in the sun with a nice coffee, pot of tea or a crisp chilled wine with your pooch sitting beside you.
  3. Go for a drive in the country – many dogs love to go for a ride in the car.  Whether they stick their head out the window and catch the breeze, or snuggle up and  dream of a new adventure, dogs are great companions for a road trip. They don’t complain about your choice of music, and they don’t ask “Are we there yet?”!!
  4. Read a book – take a stroll to your local park, sit under a tree and read a good book.  Your dog will love just being out of his usual environment, and will appreciate you spending time with him.
  5. Go for a jog – while this is not for everyone, or every dog, for the more energetic amongst us, a fit, active dog will love nothing more than joining you for a run.  You’ll be high on endorphins when you get back, and your dog will sleep for the rest of the day – win, win!
  6. Watch a Movie on TV – if the weather isn’t suitable for an outdoor activity, you can still enjoy some special time with your dog.  Put on your favourite movie, get some treats for you and your dog, snuggle up on the couch and enjoy! You might even indulge in a little snooze afterwards!
  7. Explore somewhere new – make a point of going somewhere new this weekend.  You might be surprised at what you find.  And what better companion to share in your new experience than your dog?

Of course, always observe council regulations regarding on/off-lead areas, and beach access times (usually vary depending on the season).   And most importantly, pick up your dog’s poo!  Ensure you have fresh water with you, and maintain effective control of your dog at all times.

Following these simple rules will ensure you, your dog and others around you, will enjoy some time in the great outdoors – after all, we live in a beautiful part of the world, so let’s enjoy it and respect it.





Two Best Friends

We’d love to share a true story with you.   It started over eight months ago when the State Trustees contacted us and asked if we could look after the pets of an elderly gentleman who had to go into hospital.  Of course we said we could, and our carer Alex from Coburg started visiting every day. 
The dog, Matey, and cat Tri Tri were not in great condition.  However, over the past 8 months of visiting them every day, giving them love, buying their food and organising for them to be groomed, they started to thrive and of course Alex become very fond of them, and them of her.
We’d hear from the Trustees from time to time that the gentleman would be coming home soon, but it didn’t happen, and the booking continued.  Alex, and a couple of other carers who filled in a day here and there, continued to look after Matey and Tri Tri and in the process got to know the neighbours.
The gentleman did actually go home for a few days but it was obvious to Alex who was still visiting the pets, that he was not in a good way and shouldn’t be at home alone.  He went back in to respite but sadly he passed away not long afterwards.  
There was no-one in the family to care for the pets, and Alex was very concerned that they’d be put to sleep.  We assured her we wouldn’t let that happen.  We made some phone calls to some rescue groups, but in the meantime, with her dedication and care, Alex found a home for Matey and Tri Tri together with one of the neighbours!  And the great thing is that Tri Tri’s mother lives with the neighbour so it was somewhat of a family reunion. 
Matey and Tri Tri have now moved across the road with a lovely man who will take very good care of them.  
We are so pleased that Matey and Tri Tri have found a good home after all they’ve been through, and we offer condolences to the elderly gentleman’s family.  But he can rest in peace knowing his beloved pets are going to continue to be well cared for and loved. 
 Matey and Tri Tri. jpg Matey
This true story has a happy ending for the pets, but it does raise a very important question:
Have you made provisions for your pets if you fall ill or have an accident?
Pet minding businesses like Lonely Pets Club can of course jump in at short notice to help ensure the pets are looked after immediately, but it is not a long term solution for the pets, and it does become expensive.
We strongly urge you to have a plan for your pets should you become unexpectedly incapacitated.  Talk to you family, your friends, your neighbours to see if they would be willing to help if needed.
Another alternative is an Animal Bequest Program.  Some of the larger rescue groups/shelters offer this service so you can contact your local one to see what they can advise and to determine if it might be a suitable option for your situation.
We all know pets are an important part of our lives and bring us so much love and comfort, so please don’t forget them when you are not in a position to continue to care for them yourself 🙂
You don’t want them to end up in a pound where they may not find a suitable home and maybe euthanized if it’s not a ‘pro-life’ shelter 😦
cat and dog

A Great Holiday Spot with Your Dog

We’ve just had a few days away at fabulous pet friendly holiday cabins in Dean’s Marsh, near the lovely Victorian beach side town of Lorne.

I think we’ve all seen places that say they’re pet friendly, but really what they mean is you can bring your dogs if you really have to!

Well, Country Wide Cottages is very different! It’s completely setup for you to have a wonderful holiday with your dogs, or horses, and it’s beautiful and comfortable for the humans too!

Dogs are allowed inside, in fact they provide a bed, food and water bowls, home-made doggie and human treats as well as a sheet to put over the furniture if you loving snuggling with your dog on the couch!

Television and phone/internet access is limited, but I think that’s a bonus!  It gives you chance to enjoy the fresh air and hear the sounds of the bush.

There are 4 extremely comfortable cabins with everything you could want.  The large outdoor area around each cabin is fully fenced, as is the veranda, so you can relax knowing your precious fur baby can’t get up to too much mischief while outside, but has got plenty of space to run around and lots of lovely smells to explore.

Ned’s retreat is a fun little outpost which is fenced and very large.  The big dam with yabbies is also securely fenced for all sizes of dogs, and they are welcome to have a splash about!

If you’ve got kids of the human kind, there are sheep, rabbits, chooks and Alpacas for them to feed and pet (and they are safe from the dogs).

There are some lovely walking tracks around the bush property, and off lead dog beaches (season dependent) are not far away in Lorne.

This really is truly a pet welcoming holiday destination!  We have been going there for about 9 years and just can’t find anything else that comes close.  (No, I’m not on the payroll, just love it!).  The host Di is always most welcoming with a lovely smile!

Here are some pics and vids of our dogs, Rupie and Billie having a ball!

Rupie looking out the window to the bush

Rupie looking out the window to the bush

Billie sticking her head in to the yabby net box

Billie sticking her head in to the yabby net box

The fire that kept us all toasty warm for the week

The fire that kept us all toasty warm for the week




But of course if you are going on holiday to a place you can’t take your dog, don’t forget that Lonely Pets Club will come to your home and walk them, feed them, and give them lots of love and cuddles!


Little Wilbur

A blog post that my friend Paulette at The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap posted recently inspired me to tell a lovely story about what love and compassion can do for a dog, especially an old dog.

I work in the office at Lonely Pets Club.  A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lady in distress. She owned a little 16 year old Jack Russell called Wilbur. She’d had a bad car accident 12 months prior and was unable to walk and unable to care for Wilbur. So he was staying with her ex-hubby but he wasn’t caring for him properly and wouldn’t let him in the house due to his incontinence. So poor Wilbur was left outside in the cold with little shelter.
His mum Katherine was desperate to get him somewhere safe and warm.  We don’t have a place where we could take Wilbur, so I put the call out to our beautiful carers to see if anyone could help. So many offered their help, it was heartwarming.
Jess, who had recently lost two of her own little dogs,  was the first to offer her love and is now his foster mum. She is caring for him until his mum Katherine can find a place where she can look after Wilbur again. When he first arrived, he was in a bad way, and Jess got him straight to the vet.  He had excess fluid on his lungs from lack of medication, poor conditions and cold weather. He  needed to wait another week while she fattened him up and got him a little better to have his vaccinations done and he required a blood test to check on his kidneys.  He also got a top up of medication and an arthritis injection and while he was violated for a temperature check and then again for a prostate check… he was willing to accept the apology treats the vet was spoiling him with!!  Wilbur is partly deaf and partly blind but he can still see well enough to avoid collisions and hear well enough for when Jess tells him to go wee wee’s. His incontinence is severe and it prevents him being able to follow them around the house and snuggle for very long… he hates having to get out of bed or up off the couch in the cold.
Wilbur with Jess on the day he arrived

Wilbur with Jess on the day he arrived

A couple of days after his visit to the vet, little Wilbur was looking so much better! His real mum Katherine was being a wonderful support to Jess and providing for all his medical costs.  Jess arranged for Katherine to visit Wilbur, the first time she’d seen him  in 12 months!!

Foster mum Jess said “It was beautiful to see how happy Wilbur was to spend Saturday with Katherine (his real Mum) – he was running around like a mad rat haha.

Unfortunately we have had some bad news from the vet though, Wilbur has been diagnosed with kidney disease and has been put on a special diet to take the stress off his kidneys. Luckily he loves his new food!

Happier news, he has put on more weight, his chest infection has cleared and he is running around my house and playing like he is a puppy again”.

Jess hasn’t been able to take many photos as he looks like a blur roaming around after her cats!! He has also been playing with all the toys they have around the house and loves tug of war!

He has some new jumpers to keep his little body warm when he’s not snuggling up to his hot water bottle, and wears a little nappy to prevent accidents due to incontinence caused by his medications.  So he now has free roam of the house, and love to snuggle into Jess.

So, at 16 years young, Wilbur is again feeling loved, warm and secure. And Jess has fallen big time for the little man!!

Thanks again Jess for everything you’ve done for Wilbur and Katherine xx

Wilbur and his guardian angel Jess

Wilbur and his guardian angel Jess

Wilbur in his warm bed in his nappy

Wilbur in his warm bed in his nappy

Wilbur in his stripey jumper

Wilbur in his stripy jumper

Wilbur in his red jumper

Wilbur in his red jumper